Film Photography

My foray into film photography started out as a hobby built around old film cameras. I loved using old cameras almost as much as making the pictures themselves. I collected numerous rangefinders like the canon QL series, interesting cameras like the luxury point and shoot Nikon Ti28 to medium format folding cameras by Zeiss and a lovely Pentacon six inspired by the photography of Francis Tan/Dovevader.

I was doing a lot of cross processing of slide film but things took a change when I decided to try my hand at black and white processing after reading this article by Chi Fei (who hadn’t opened his wonderful shop at Excelsior Shopping Centre back then). I spent just $50 in all buying a Patterson tank which was cracked at the base for cheap, together with some developer & fixer. The first time I pulled a roll of still wet roll of film from the holder I was mesmerized by the tiny images caught on the physical medium of film. The images existed in the real physical world and not just as a collection of bits and bytes that go into the black hole I call my hard drive.

I kept on shooing and developing roll after roll but the moment of unrolling the just developed film from the plastic holder still never fails to give me this feeling of anticipation and excitement at seeing what I had shot come to life as a tangible object.

There is a highly technical side to a film and digital workflow and I won’t go into that but suffice to say, images are collections of memories no matter what they are shot on. I prefer a physical medium because I feel we associate memories better when attached to tangible things like an object, a smell, a place or even a taste.

If you are interested in using this medium to capture your special day, don’t hesitate to contact me :)