Pre-Wedding & Engagement

Glenn&Natalie Pre-wedding Photography

A pre-wedding shoot can be a formal or casual affair and it really depends on what kind of a couple you are. I personally didn’t even have a professional shoot for myself because I felt it just wouldn’t be like us to dress up and pose for the camera or even have a casual shoot.

I did, however, head out with my wife and trusty tripod and managed to get just enough images for my save-the-date cards and some for my wedding website that doubled up as a wedding programme booklet as well (no, thats not me in the photo above..). I must add that it was one of the most difficult things to rely on a tripod and an intervalometer to do my pre-wedding. It was seriously hard work running to and fro to check if everything was captured as I imagined it. Still, by some miracle I managed to squeeze out some pretty decent shots that I am still very proud of till this day.

You don’t really have to go through the same trouble that I did, everyone I knew thought I was crazy and perhaps I was. However, this is one memory I created that I will take with me to the grave, something me and the wife will look back at and say “haha.. that was fun..”.

I look forward to helping couples create something that will remind them of how it was like to be dating and engaged, to have a fantastic time creating these images because to me, the experience of making these images are so precious, too precious to just go through the motions or to see it as something to endure. If you’re thinking of having your pre-wedding photos taken and don’t mind having a good time while doing so, do drop me a note! I’d be glad to meet up and talk :)