Wedding Photography

I remember my search for a wedding photographer. Although I was a photographer myself, I didn’t have what people imagined to be extremely high standards. I only wanted my photographer to capture the wedding day as it happened. In my mind, I didn’t want fancy, heavy handed editing or a tome of high-fashion pre-wedding albums. He had to be a ninja of a photographer and yet be able to direct and take control of a photographic opportunity so that it reached its full potential, facilitating photography on the wedding day when necessary.

I quickly realized that it was no mean feat to find such a guy who possessed great fundamentals and did not rely heavily on color and editing to make his images stand out. I personally started to favor natural looking photos after going through a period of film and digital cross processing. I soon moved away from it as I started to realize the photos I produced were not endearing to me. At the point of editing I genuinely liked it but when I returned to it a few months later I felt that the feeling had faded.

However, the photos I found endearing after time were photos that had a strong story behind it, photos that had a lot of effort put into post production to enhance the story behind the photo and not post processing for its own sake. Many of my photos endured great lengths of post processing to tweak tiny details so that it told its story better. That’s the amount of care I feel should go into every shot.

My aim is to provide wedding photography that will stand the test of time, independent of moving fads and styles. Images that will tell stories, take you back to the moment and triggers a state of mind that only you know. See some of my work here for yourself.

If you’re curious as to who I ended up choosing to photographed my wedding do drop me a note, I promise I’ll tell! :)